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How does educational design differs from design in general? Instructional Design? Learning Desing? Interaction Design? Participatory Design with learners? Design activities? Many terms with interconnected meanings and fuzzy complementarity. We strive to develop methodological tools but it’s not that simple unfortunately.

And how do all these apply to educational startups? I am really wondering about their design process, the idea generation phase, the initial and the final targets, their perception of the learning experience, their vision about technology and education. How do market products correlate to published research? I tend to think that the research field of educational technology is overly conservative, fragmented and ineffective since there are very limited cases in which the research results translated to real products (not even succesful products).

And how do I design educational applications? What am I designing now? Which are my main hypotheses? How do I document the design phase? How do I enrich the idea generation phase? Where are my products? And what do I have to say about educational research and startups?

That’s the three main themes of this blog. Or better, these are the themes I hope to work and comment on. Normally, I will have to go throught the the 5-stage Blogging Process as described in Bartlett-Bragg, A. (2003- Blogging to Learn. Knowledge Tree). But I am willing to do it. I teached about blogging in education theoretically but I have never had a real blog, just a shame on me.

My tremendous ambition is to find time to blog once a week. With no time available, it will be difficult.

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