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I am a researcher in the fields of Educational Technology and  Human Computer Interaction and I have been selected as a lecturer in the Department of Primary Education (University of Western Macedonia) in the field of “ICT in education” in 2010. Not appointed yet, maybe never due to the economical conditions in Greece.

However, that’s an opportunity, which I am eager to take advantage of by chasing another dream of mine: to design and develop real educational platforms which improve drastically the learning experience of wide audiences. Main moto: (1) authentic, (2) intriguing, (3) heterogeneous, (4) creative, (5) integrated, (6) intensive learning experiences or briefly “Comp/ressive” learning experiences (compress+impressive) as I like to call it. Here is my child 🙂

My new homepage is a starting point to communicate my thoughts and share my products. Stay Connected!



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